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Відмінна якість продукції. Компанія супер. Купую постійно тільки у них.


Black caviar. Buy osetra caviar Acipenser Domum️

Black caviar is a type of caviar that is obtained from fish of the sturgeon family. Most of the fish of the sturgeon family live in the Caspian Sea, where the product, which has become a delicacy, is obtained. In addition to fishing in the natural habitat for fish of the sturgeon family, there are many fish farms, where not only the extraction of caviar is carried out, but also the breeding of the inhabitants of the sea depths.

Black caviar is obtained from beluga, kaluga, stellate sturgeon, as well as osetra. The caviar should be crumbly, smooth to the touch and shiny. A distinctive feature of good caviar is the darkening on the grains, which will be of the same size.

What is osetra caviar?

Ossetra caviar is one of the most popular types of black caviar. It is appreciated for grains of 2.5 mm in size and no more. Medium-sized grains have a taste of iodine, but so strong, you can hardly confuse it with anything else. Despite the fact that caviar is called black, its color does not have to be saturated black, since there are grains of grayish, brown, golden caviar.

Considering the fact that the weight of one ossetra can be 100 kg, a lot of healthy and tasty ossetra caviar can be collected from one individual. The average weight of the ossetra is about 40-80 kg. The maturation period of sturgeon is 8 years or more, so the process of caviar extraction is considered long and laborious, which determines the relatively high cost of the product.

Caviar osetra Acipenser Domum️ is an ecological product, which is associated with the peculiarities of fish salting. The ambassador does not suggest the use of preservatives.

How much does ossetra caviar cost and where to buy it?

The relatively high osetra caviar price is a confirmation not only of its naturalness and environmental friendliness, but also of the value of the product inside one jar of Caviar Deluxe.

Oscietra caviar belongs to the list of dietary products. It contains many substances useful for the human body. Eating seafood on a regular basis promotes the production of collagen, which has anti-aging effects. The microelements included in sturgeon caviar raise the level of iron and hemoglobin in the blood.

Oscietra caviar, the price of which corresponds to its high quality, is rich in proteins, easily digestible and saturating the human body. Each grain of caviar contains vitamins A, E, D, trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

Black caviar Acipenser Domum️ – granular caviar, which is conventionally divided into the highest, first and second grades. It is labeled as Imperial and Premium. Acipenser Domum️ is produced under the Imperial brand. This kind of black caviar is distinguished due to the grain size, uniformity of color distribution and uniform consistency, which are the characteristics of the high quality of the product.

Where to buy ossetra caviar?

It is not so easy to buy osetra caviar at a good osetra caviar price and high quality if you are making such a purchase for the first time, or if you are not familiar with the leading producers of black caviar.

Our company can guarantee 100% natural composition of products supplied to different countries of the world, thanks to the cooperation with the original supplier. Working with suppliers directly without intermediaries is a confirmation of the speed and quality of delivery to any corner of the world.

In our online store Caviar Deluxe you can buy ossetra caviar online called Acipenser Domum️ relatively inexpensively and quickly, which became possible due to cooperation with popular postal services. Leading postal services carry out delivery in compliance with the delivery rules, since the products are delivered in a special refrigerated container directly from the manufacturer.

In addition to the attractive osetra caviar price, the supply of original products from the manufacturer, the advantage of ordering osetra caviar in our online store is the availability of several payment methods.

To get sturgeon caviar, the producer of Acipenser Domum️ needs to be patient – at least 8 years are needed for sturgeon breeding and caviar production, while connoisseurs of delicacies need a few minutes to arrange delivery of sturgeon caviar to your city. In the online store, you can buy caviar in retail and wholesale.