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Best Black Sturgeon Caviar in Irving

Buy black sturgeon caviar in Irving


sturgeon black caviar in Irving reviews

Відмінна якість продукції. Компанія супер. Купую постійно тільки у них.


black sturgeon caviar

Black sturgeon caviar in Irving Acipenser Domum️

There are several types of black caviar – beluga, sturgeon, osetra caviar. It is exactly sturgeon caviar that has conquered millions of hearts around the world, and is considered one of the most popular, due to its taste characteristics and ideal combination with strong drinks.

What is Black Sturgeon Caviar in Irving?

Sturgeon black caviar in Irving – black caviar of fish of the sturgeon family, namely sturgeon. The sturgeon family also includes beluga and stellate sturgeon.

  • Average grain size. Black sturgeon caviar has grains that will always be finer than beluga caviar, although sturgeon caviar has the smallest grains. Therefore, black caviar of sturgeon fish is distinguished by the presence of medium-sized grains. To be more precise, the standard grain size is about 2.5 mm, and it is rare to encounter oversized grains. A grain of stellate sturgeon caviar has a diameter of no more than 1 mm, therefore it is considered the smallest.
  • Grain color. Black sturgeon caviar is only called black, but, in fact, having looked closely at the color of at least one grain, we can say with confidence that we are talking about a grayish or brown color. For example, beluga caviar, which is distinguished by a thin shell of grains, will have a grayish-silvery color, while sturgeon caviar in Irving will have a distinct black color, or at least dark gray. Thus, caviar of sturgeon fish differs in color, if there is no time to compare the sizes of grains of caviar of beluga, stellate sturgeon and sturgeon with each other.


How much does black sturgeon caviar cost in Irving and where can you buy it?

When purchasing sturgeon caviar in Irving, you need to pay attention to the degree of maturity and the peculiarities of its processing. All the necessary information about Acipenser Domum️ caviar is indicated in the name itself.

Black sturgeon caviar in Irving, the price of which will be lower than beluga caviar, although it is considered no less valuable and useful than beluga caviar.

For the production of granular caviar, only the largest and mature grains of fish of the sturgeon family are needed. In addition to the impressive size of the grains, they will also be the same in size and, most likely, in color. Granular caviar is valued for the friability of the grains, since they are simple and easy to separate from each other. When it comes to granular caviar, a dry method of salting it is assumed.

Sturgeon black caviar price in Irving will be lower if you buy from suppliers cooperating with the manufacturer.

Where to buy black sturgeon caviar in Irving?

You can buy black sturgeon caviar in Irving in glass or tin cans, which is perhaps the traditional way of packing caviar for further sale and shipment not only in one country, but all over the world.

There is another way to pack caviar when it is sold in barrels. Suppliers of loose caviar cannot always guarantee the quality of caviar from the sturgeon family, which is perhaps one of the important disadvantages of eating such caviar. There is only one advantage though – the price.

You can buy black sturgeon caviar in Irving on our website at a lower price, since the company cooperates with the supplier directly. Caviar is delivered in a cooling container from the manufacturer – fresh and tasty black sturgeon caviar in Irving Acipenser Domum️. Partnership with leading postal services is a guarantee of the speed and quality of delivery of the delicacy to any city in the world.