Osetra Caviar Acipenser Domum 250g

Osetra caviar Acipenser Domum 250g has a great flavour to it, a buttery taste with a hint of hazelnut with golden brown coloured eggs. We have some of the best sturgeon caviar prices on the internet and deliver to your door all over the world

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Osetra caviar is extracted from the osetra sturgeon. These fish were originally native to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea basins, in modern times these original wild fish are farmed in fresh water spring mountain rivers in countries like Uruguay, Italy, France and Spain. The delicious distinctive flavour of osetra caviar is praised by gourmet food lovers and international chefs. This caviar is served in the finest restaurants around the World and on first class cruise ships and airplanes. Treat yourself to something special today and sample the delights of fresh osetra caviar Acipenser Domum 250g.

If you’re the kind of culinary enthusiast who enjoys fine nuts just as much as some high-end caviar, then Osetra caviar Acipenser Domum 250g may be the perfect choice for you. Crisply textured and golden-to-brown in coloring, Osetra roe is larger than typical caviar for a more filling experience with each bite. Equal parts sweet and nutty, this type of caviar may be rare, but it’s a treat you’ll want to enjoy more than once. Acipenser Domum has Osetra caviar in our collection of quality sturgeon caviar, so whether you want just an ounce or considerably more, you can get it shipped straight to your door no matter which size or brand you choose.

Italian Caviar (Osetra Caviar Acipenser Domum 250g)

Imported from sustainable aquafarms in Italy, Siberian Osetra caviar is a true stunner, with memorably large roe that comes in hues from deep, dark grays to warm browns. This culinary classic is stocked directly by Acipenser Domum, and we offer this nutty, sweet, and smoothly textured Italian caviar for those who want fine cuisine, but don’t want to contribute to continued stock drainage of freshly caught sturgeon roe. Often served as a flavor-and-texture equivalent to more expensive Beluga caviar, this aqua-farmed roe is just the right complement to any fine cuisine served at dinner or as an individual hors d’oeuvre at any event.

Product Description

Presentation: Smooth
Hue: Grayish-brown
Texture: Very firm
Roe Size: Large
Taste: Sweet, earthy flavor with smooth aftertaste
Domestic or International: International
Nation of Origin: Italy (farmed)
Preparation Style: Prepared fresh, treated with salt
Grade: 1
Fish Variety: Osetra
Storage: Fridge (1 month), Freezer (N/A)

Procurement: Direct shipping available (this is a perishable product)
You are always 100% sure of what you are getting.
One-sized pearls – Real paradise for the perfectionist. With colors ranging from gray to brown and golden shades. In the mouth, has a distinctive fine buttery and nutty flavor, soft but firm consistent and gentle texture. It is enough just one tablespoon of caviar a day and your mood will be on top! Exclusively fresh! Caviar has never been frozen. Prepared in the traditional way, with the classic salting.
INGREDIENTS Siberian sturgeon black caviar, salt EGG SIZE 2.5mm – 3mm
SHELF LIFE 4 – 6 weeks in the refrigerator at temperatures from 32F – 38F Note, that we don’t recommend storing caviar in the freezer.
SPECIES Acipenser baerii SORT Premium
DELIVERY DETAILS We ship our caviar in a special thermo-dynamic packaging which provides safety of the product. We accept orders during the weekdays. More information